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Iwantu Apk provides all the content that is 18+, and only mature and adult users can use the app because the content is suitable for mature people. This App is the golden opportunity to make friends and girlfriends; there are so many ways to impress a girl: by commenting on their posts or making your video th, the girls will start liking and coming to your inbox.

IwantU App has millions of daily active users; most consumers watch videos and enjoy the other features of the Iwantu app. On the other hand, some users focus on uploading videos regularly. Users who are creators and have followers can advertise other companies’ products to earn money; once you become famous on Iwantu, there are many ways to earn money and become financially independent.

Downlaod this app, Appraising the download button and make videos or watch videos to make beautiful memories that you can never forget all life; the friends you make on iwantu apk, you can share all of your talks with, then also you can plan a meetup and meet with your iwantu apk friends in real life and enjoy.

If any problem occurs while using this app, please contact us through email; we will try to answer in less time. Our mission is to provide our users with the simplest way to download the IwantU app, but otherwise, if we make any mistake, please tell us we will try to fix it.